This project was very close to my heart as it took place on my home island Chios, and precisely in my father’s place of origin: Armolia. The people of Armolia created a voluntary group to offer support on things like cleaning the streets, painting buildings and making the place even more beautiful. For this project, they wanted me to create a logo printed on T-Shirts for the volunteers to wear. It was a very touching project for me as I feel a great connection to the island of Chios. Seeing the inhabitants of Armolia uniting for a common cause to make their place a more beautiful place was a wonderful thing to be part of.

The Story about the Tree

The famous Mastic Trees of Chios are the trademark of Chios and a main sources of income for many residents of the island. Its cultivation started in the ancient times. The tree produces a rare resin that is largely exported. The mastic trees of Chios provide a resin that comes out from their bark in the shape of teardrops. This resin is used for the elaboration of different products, especially a very unique chewing gum, as well as quality spices, alcoholic beverages and sweets. Source: www.greeka.com



Final Design

My inspiration for the logo originated from the famous mastic trees of Chios, the famous pottery shops of Armolia and Armolia’s castle located on the mountain surrounding the village. I combined all these details together and created the design for Armolia’s volunteers who come together every year for their yearly projects. The volunteers consist of the village’s inhabitants, but also its diaspora community mainly located in the US and its people living in other parts of Greece such as Athens.

Ta Armolia mas – Our Armolia



Boroume, oloi mazi – Together we can do it

cleaning the village

castle, source: www.amanivoice-chios.gr


the best team ever!

pottery, source: www.explorechios.gr


Design by G.Saliaris  l  Project: T-shirt Design