SiebEn is a service company which carries out changes of energy suppliers. It was founded in 2016 and is located in Münster, Germany.
 vision is to increase and maintain prosperity in German households and businesses. SiebEn’s mission is to help increase prosperity of private


households and businesses by reducing costs of living and by providing better value-for-money solutions, as well as the possibility to generate more income. They strive for excellence in their services through commitment, honesty and integrity.

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The Name

The word ‘Sieben’ means ‘Seven’ in German and is derived from the German word ‘Sieb’ which means ‘sieve’. By combining ‘Sieb’ with ‘En’ which stand for ‘energy’ we get ‘SiebEn’ as a result. Thus, the name represents what SiebEn stands for, filtering energy providers from all available energy sources at the best price possible.

Talented artist and a professional business partner, punctual and detailed oriented. He showed a great flexibility in customizing his imaginative insights to our marketing concepts, being always considerate of our ideas and respectful of our opinions. Working with him has been a real pleasure. Absolutely recommended.
Konstandinos Katsios
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