MediaApes GmbH

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Media Apes GmbH

MediaApes GmbH make media and offers cross-media advice. With their own recording studio and many partners, they can supply everything related to the topic of sound. They design, compose, produce – sound logos, radio spots, film music, audio books and much more. They benefit from a wide range of professional speakers. In addition, you will find several artists in their management team (Hannah Jaha, Toby Breitenbach, Tim Kosack). The Art-Work-INC media group ARGE, founded by MediaApes and its partners, also offers everything for cross-media implementation – Websites, photographs, texts, concepts, product videos etc.

The Project

MediaApes GmbH contacted me and asked me if I wanted to create their logo. Obviously, I said ‘yes’. What they wanted was of course a monkey, but it was supposed to be a simple and unique monkey. I created a lot of sketches and it was a great challenge to discover ‘the’ monkey that would fullfill their expectations. Their emphasis was on simplicity.
It was such a great project and when the final monkey was found I was so happy! It was fun working with them and I always like to see these two monkeys: the MediaApes Monkey and the ApeTunes Monkey

First Creations

The Monkey

Final Design

MediaApes Banner & Sticker